Introduction to Agile@School®

🚀 Exciting News! Introducing Agile@School – Transforming Education for the Future 🎓

Dear Agile Community,
I am thrilled to share a significant milestone in my journey – the introduction of Agile@School, a groundbreaking methodology poised to revolutionize education as we know it.

🔍 For over six years, I’ve been on a quest of experimentation, learning, and gathering feedback from more than 400 students. Agile@School is the culmination of these efforts and embodies the principles of the Agile Manifesto. It draws inspiration from proven methodologies like Scrum, eduScrum, Mob Programming, and Google’s Labdays. 🙌

📝 To make this methodology accessible to a wider audience, I’ve documented my research in a comprehensive research paper and created a presentation of the way we work. It serves as a foundation for you to fully embrace Agile@School or simply incorporate select elements into your educational practices.

📢 Currently, I’m in the process of publishing the research paper so I’m committed to keeping you updated on the progress.

🚀 But that’s not all! In the coming weeks, I’ll be unveiling a practical usage guide and a dedicated website, offering resources and support for those eager to adopt Agile@School.

🤝 I invite you to engage with me, ask questions, and initiate discussions. I’m open to collaborations and partnerships that can bring Agile@School into your educational journey.

💡 I firmly believe in the power of this methodology to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to excel in the modern world. If you’ve had the chance to work with Agile@School or are passionate about its potential, I’d be delighted if you could help me spread the word!

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s embark on this transformative education journey together. 🌟

With love and gratitude,


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Ecrit par André De Sousa

Je suis un coach Agile ayant plus de 10 années d'expérience Agile et 15 d'expérience dans la Tech. J'ai coaché/mentoré/animé plus d'une vingtaine d'équipes faisant du Scrum, XP ou du Kanban depuis mes débuts en agilité ainsi que des organisations en pleine transformation agile. Enfin, avec une "fail startup" à mon actif, j'aide les entrepreneurs qui se lancent pour leur éviter de reproduire mes propres erreurs. Actuellement Coach Agile / Formateur / Scrum Master / Hackathon Organizer /Learning Expedition Organizer chez The Valley.

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